"How To Start a Profitable Tech Company In 90 Days or Less WITHOUT Quitting Your Job 
(even if you dont know where to start)"
Learn how FaLon The CEO started a tech company that 
has generated over $500k+ in revenue. 💸

FaLon The CEO

You'll Learn How To...
Build Your Fearless Mindset 
Start Your Business 
Business Systems 
Human Resources 
Getting Clients 
Who is FaLon The CEO
FaLon Thomas is the founder and CEO of Onyx Ocean Technologies Inc. She studied business at NC A&T University. She has been a software engineer working in the technology industry for 10 years. FaLon has taught kids how to code and mentored students for the past 5 years. She is also a speaker that discusses entrepreneurship and technology. She has made over $500+ in business.
You'll Learn How To...
  • ​Set up your business
  • Develop your business credit
  • Find Clients
  • Hire Technical Employees

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